Building thriving networks for the public and private sectors to connect, engage and impact

Collaboration for the common good. A decision making concept that can be applied to any process. Whether it’s a corporation trying to increase profits, or a nonprofit trying to serve a need, there’s an expectation for success as a result of the decisions that are made.

Outcomes start as ideas. Sometimes they’re small ideas. Sometimes they are big ideas. And then there are those impossible ideas. Regardless of size and scope, there is a process to advance from the idea to the decision, and to the result.

I’m fortunate to have been a part of many decision making processes in which the common good was the focus. I’ve identified, or helped identify challenges; visualize solutions; then, originated or contributed to the idea; participated in the fact finding and strategy; and, assembled or joined a group of participants who contributed and collaborated to reach a decision. I’ve learned that… one has a monopoly on ideas and knowledge. Anyone can contribute to a solution that impacts the common good. And teams supply the best ideas and solutions.

The role of technology in these processes can not be discounted. It is as critical as the people who participate in them. Today, technology is transforming all areas of work and society. It is disruptive and it is an enabler. If ignored or used sparingly, technology can hurt decision making by excluding people, information and limiting collaboration. Used appropriately, it is a powerful tool that can increase inclusion, expands knowledge and understanding.

I am passionate about forming and managing collaborative networks of people and organizations to solve challenges that improve society. I am particularly interested in, and drawn to organizational challenges where decisions impact a wide audience. There are so many variables to consider in public decision making. And for many of these organization’s decision making takes place in an environment that resembles more of a fishbowl than a a smoke-filled board room which makes it even more challenging.

What I do professionally:

I am currently the executive director of the National Freedom of Information Coalition. NFOIC and it’s 42 state and regional coalition members advocate to remove obstacles in government and public institutions that block or hinder people from obtaining information that is rightfully theirs.  Our mission is to make sure state and local governments and public institutions have laws, policies and procedures to facilitate the public’s access to their records and proceedings.

I am also president of Public Communication Management Strategies. PCMS advances the concept of Public Communication Management, or PCM, a management concept I’ve advanced that focuses on improving the interaction of public organizations and their constituents or members. PCM merges traditional practices of public and consumer affairs, civic engagement, (internal and external) communication strategies, marketing and branding, with the empowering collaborative technologies of social media.  PCM can be practiced in public and private organizations to help them leverage the value of their networks (people, groups and organizations) with their programs and processes.  The objectives are to increase and improve connectivity and engagement with their customers, members, stakeholders and constituents; and helping them craft, communicate and deliver their objectives with more impact.

You can learn more about my experiences, talents and contributions by visiting my LinkedIn page. Or contact me directly if you have a question, challenge or ideas for a solution you want to develop.

I’ve worked in public, private and nonprofit sectors. My clients, nature of work and my skills are diverse and represent these industries and sectors. I offer a unique and distinct perspective to solve a business challenge to help capture and maximize the value of people, information and processes, and how to best to advance those assets and relationships in rapidly changing environments. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with local, state and federal governments, including the military, contributed to national corporations and nonprofits, and international clients in the beverage, technology and automotive industries.

Thank you for visiting my web site. You can connect with me at dbev (at) bevarly (dot) com or through the links and form below:

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