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What is Public Communication Management?

PCM2Public Communication Management (PCM) is an emerging management concept applied to information, communication, collaboration and decision making. PCM is most prevalent among public organizations, non-profits, and government.  Its focus is on the processes surrounding the gathering and dissemination of information (including data), communicating that information, deliberation and dialog, and outcomes. Each of these processes contains challenges that require solutions to improve both the quality and quantity of the various components involved.

In many, if not most cases, these challenges are unique to these institutions and to their industry. Unlike their private sector counterparts, these organizations operate in open environments distinguished by their structure, standards and processes and by their legal, political and ethical guidelines.

Public Communication Management covers a diverse range of issues and disciplines including:

  • public affairs and policy
  • citizen and stakeholder engagement
  • building networks (people, groups, organizations)
  • social media
  • transparency
  • marketing and public relations
  • campaigns
  • public-private partnerships
  • business development
  • civics

Today’s economic climate adds to the many challenges faced by public organizations that can lead to redesigning its processes and operations, what programs and services it provides, and how it will interact and engage its members, stakeholders and the public. New technologies and ideas deployed through creative strategies can help organizations respond successfully and help position themselves for the next wave of innovation.

Organizations that understand their challenges, and can effectively respond to them will succeed and thrive. This means creating the capacity to generate reliable information, build awareness by sharing content, facilitate informative deliberations across their networks with diverse audiences, and gathering and processing that knowledge. Decisions become easier to make. Outcomes will be easier to determine.

Public Communication Management is about helping organizations be successful by helping them be more resourceful and more relevant; and by having a greater impact on and benefit to their members, public and private stakeholders, employees and society.


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