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Welcome! Public Communications Management Strategies helps public and private organizations leverage the value of their communities and networks to be more resourceful, more effective, more profitable and have greater impact.  Public Communications Management (PCM) is an emerging management concept applied to public organizations, non-profits, business and government.  PCM focuses on the management practices of information, communication, collaboration and decision making and the unique challenges facing organizations and institutions. PCM Strategies devises solutions that enable organizations to effectively build, manage and sustain their networks of people, information and processes (internal and external) combining traditional management practices with emerging collaborative technologies of social media.

These solutions offer tremendous value to an organization making it more efficient, responsive and resourceful, and add value to their members, stakeholders and customers.

PCM Strategies has extensive experience helping organizations capture and maximize the value of their networks, and how to advance those networks and relationships in rapidly changing environments.  PCM Strategies offers:

  • new program development and improvements to existing ones; restructuring goals, objectives or processes to increase effectiveness
  • marketing and communication services that build positive, sustainable network relationships and position organizations favorably before stakeholders
  • formulate organizational policies for increased and inclusive public and stakeholder engagement; and strategies for increased customer and shareholder engagement
  • design and manage collaborative engagement models that build awareness, knowledge and participation
  • program and process audits of internal and external communication/collaboration practices; social media strategies; networking strategies with people, groups and organizations
  • develop or administer strategies for constructing and sustaining private sector partnerships
  • news media relations to amplify and multiply message delivery
  • campaign management
  • identify and seize new opportunities that meet the organization’s goals and objectives
  • targeted business development strategies to enhance existing, or open new revenue streams
  • project management of policy issues, programs and public relations


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